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For more years that I can count (not literally, but it's a lot), our teens have selflessly given up a week of their summer in order to make a positive impact on the world around them and to bring hope to hurting communities. For over ten years now, our church has partnered with the organization, Group Mission Trips, in order to serve communities and people all across the country who are in need. Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Maryland are just a few of the states we have served in.


It is my prayer that your student will join us this summer as we prepare to impact the community of Erie, Pennsylvania on July 10-16th.


What do we do on a mission trip?

Whatever is needed in the community we have committed to serving. We will mainly be working with disabled and elderly residents who are on fixed incomes and cannot physically or financially repair their homes. We won’t know exactly what we will be doing until we get there, but will most likely be repairing porches, painting homes, building wheelchair ramps, and other home repair projects. In the evening, after our work is done for the day, we will have a chance to gather together, eat food, learn about Jesus, and just have fun with one another.


What if I don’t know construction or how to paint?

That’s okay! Most people don’t unless they’ve been on a trip before. You will have adults and other peers to guide you along the way.


Who can come?

Grades 9-12: students entering 9th grade after the summer of 2022 to those who graduated 12th grade in 2022.



Due by June 26th

The cost is $440 per student, plus money for breakfast and lunch on the way there and lunch on the way home. This covers the cost of transportation, meals, housing, camp speaker and musicians, t-shirt, and the materials used to repair the homes we will be assigned to. Visit the "Fundraisers" tab to see which fundraisers we have going on this year to help support the Youth Mission Team and the cost of making such an event possible.  

Forms & Waivers 

Due Tuesday, April 8th 

Group Mission Trips & our church will have separate forms & both will need to be filled out by Tuesday, April 8th. If we don’t receive these forms on time, your student will not be allowed to attend. 

  • Howell FUMC Forms Medical Form & Youth Code of Conduct. Must be filled out and turned in to Danielle, the  church office, or the church mailbox on or before April 8th.  Click the buttons below to print your own copy, or email Danielle to get a physical copy. 

  • Group Mission Trip Forms Required by Group Mission Trips.  Follow the link below. This will take you to Groups website where you can register your student for our trip. Let Danielle know if you experience any issues with registering.

Tool Training 

Sunday, June 26th @ 1pm

Every participant is required to attend a Tool Training session where we will discuss important tool handling practices. Lunch and swimming to follow. 

Background Checks 
All mission trip participants who are 18+ at the time of the mission trip are required to have a  background check run on them (yes, even students!). Danielle will contact each person who is 18 or over individually to walk them through this process. 


It’s too early to say what covid-19 precautions will be in place this summer, but some guidelines instituted on the 2021 trips included: daily health screening survey of the participants, dismissal of participants who exhibit symptoms of covid-19, following local guidelines for mask mandates and social distancing, extra sanitization and cleaning, additional sleeping rooms to promote social distancing, limiting work crews to be only of the same youth group rather than a mix of multiple youth groups, and more.


Now What?

Students who have attended mission trips with Group Mission Trips have said they grew closer to God, grew closer to people in their youth group, and they wanted to attend another trip! Not one student who has participated in a trip since I have been here has ever regretted the experience. Parents have seen their kids come home excited, positively impacted by their service experience, and committed to continuing their spiritual journey with Jesus.


If you would like to sign your student up for this event, or if you have questions about the mission trip, please contact Danielle Burkhart via email or phone.


If it is after the registration deadline of October 3rd, please still reach out! I cannot guarantee your student a spot after October 3rd as Group Mission Trips only offers so many spots, but we can still check and see. 

My email is danielle@howellfumc.com or you can reach me by phone at 517.546.2730 x 205 from 10am-4pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or during normal youth activities.


Danielle Burkhart


Sunday, July 10th

5:30am @ the church


Saturday, July 16th

2:30pm @ the church


Erie, Pennsylvania






Forms Due

April 8th

Full Payment Due By

Sunday, June 26th @ 1pm 

Mandatory Tool Training 

Sunday, June 26th @ 1pm

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