• Danielle Burkhart


Rest, today, in your connection to God.

📖 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗: John 14:4-5


Jesus used a lot of imagery to explain how the Kingdom of God worked, like branches and fruit. If you were walking through a grove of oranges or grapefruits, or a vineyard full of grapes, and you cut off a branch and took it home, hoping you could have your garden full of fruit, it would not work. We’ll save you the time of trying it. Why do you think Jesus would tell his disciples that he’s the vine and they’re the branches?


Jesus is inviting his disciples and followers to stay connected to him — to abide in him. "Abide in Me” is not a marching order to accomplish or a check box to complete. It’s simply a state of existence, a way of being. What might it look like to live life everyday knowing that you are deeply connected to Jesus? You don’t have to work to stay connected. In fact, you need to simply rest to remain connected. You want to know how else you can stay connected to Jesus? Talk to him! That’s prayer. Remember in Philippians 4:4-6 it says to tell Jesus what you need and thank him for what he’s done. Do that today. Talk to Jesus. Connect with him.