• Danielle Burkhart


We can run toward rest, even in the midst of our fears.

📖 READ: Psalm 121:7-8

👓 OBSERVE: No one desires to feel pain, to be hurt, or to have harm done to them. Often we fear harm being done to us or to someone we love. What does it mean to read that God keeps you from all harm?

✅ APPLY: Is there something specific you fear happening to you or the people you love? It’s scary to think about, and it can be even more scary to name it. The good news is that God already knows what it is that scares us. So how can you use these two verses to remind yourself that even when you are afraid, God is with you, keeping you from all harm, and watching over you? Think about writing these verses on a Post-It note to remind you of the care God has for you.

Pray something like this “Jesus, I realize I am not strong enough on my own to deal with what scares me. Help me to remember that you are strong enough, that you watch over me and keep me from harm. You know where I am at all times, and you care for me.”