• Danielle Burkhart


You can run toward rest knowing that God’s care for you is 24/7!

📖 READ: Psalm 121:5-6

👓 OBSERVE: How does God act on your behalf in these verses? What does God do for you?

✅ APPLY: Do you feel like you have a lot of responsibility to carry? Sometimes it can feel like you have to fend for yourself because no one else will. Does the idea that God “stands beside you as a protective shade” give you peace knowing that you don’t stand alone? It’s relieving to know that you have someone watching over you and watching out for you.

Make a list of the responsibilities that you carry. Take those responsibilities and write out a prayer to God asking him to help you carry each of them, and thanking God for being there for you and protecting you

At last, we are able to meet in-person again! Please make sure to wear a face covering while in the church building and to adhere to 6ft social distancing when possible. We look forward to seeing you!