• Danielle Burkhart


Today is a reminder that God doesn’t want you to worry about anything.

📖 READ: Philippians 4:6-7

👓 OBSERVE: How comfortable are you with telling God what you need? Do you think it’s selfish to do this? Or do you believe that this is exactly what God wants?

✅ APPLY: Do exactly what verse 6 says — tell God what you need. It might feel like telling someone not to worry is like telling a dog not to bark. But it’s only by telling God what we need that we get to experience God’s peace that exceeds imagination. Today, pray until you experience that peace.

Pray like this, “Jesus, may your perfect peace guard my heart and mind. May I know that you can help me to focus and set my mind on you instead of my worries.”


At last, we are able to meet in-person again! Please make sure to wear a face covering while in the church building and to adhere to 6ft social distancing when possible. We look forward to seeing you!