• Danielle Burkhart


Are you prepared to shift your focus today?

📖 READ: Colossians 3:1-2

👓 OBSERVE: Why do you think followers of Jesus should focus their eyes on the realities of heaven? Does that mean followers of Jesus don’t have to pay attention to what’s happening around them?

✅ APPLY: Sometimes we are so focused on the thing right in front of us that we become stressed and overwhelmed. In these times we can develop “tunnel vision” where the thing in front of us is the only thing we can see. At times this can help us stay focused on what’s important, but other times it just makes us feel blinded. How can we rest in the things that God cares about? When we do that, we have the strength to run towards love for God and love for people. Write down the things you believe God cares about. We know the big ones are loving God and loving people, but list some examples of what that can look like. Write a short prayer asking God to help you focus on what God cares about.


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