• Danielle Burkhart


It might seem counterintuitive, but taking time to rest will help you run further, faster.

📖 READ: Mark 2:1-2

👓 OBSERVE: If you’re following Jesus’ pattern in the Gospel of Mark, you see that yesterday’s verse talked about Jesus going away to a desolate, quiet space to spend time alone with God. A few verses later, he’s doing some actively healing people. What does this show you about the benefits of spending time with God?

✅ APPLY: A lot of times, we think that time spent with God is wasted time. We’re just sitting there and not producing anything. If Jesus took the time to be alone and pray, then we should, too. Not because we need to check off a task so we can say we did something to please God today, but because we receive a benefit by spending time with God. Time spent with God in rest prepares us for our next season of running. Today, can you remind yourself that spending time with God is valuable way to spend your time? Write out a list of tasks that need to be accomplished in the next week. Before you begin tackling the list, take a few moments to pray as you prepare for the work you’re about to do.


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