• Danielle Burkhart


There’s no specific time for rest, but you do have to pick a time for rest.

📖 READ: Mark 1:35

👓 OBSERVE: Do you think that according to this verse, the only “holy” time of the day to spend with God is early in the morning?

✅ APPLY: We don’t have to be morning people to spend time with Jesus. We don’t have to set aside 3 hours to spend alone with God to get our “holiness” on for the day. The time of day is not what’s important. What’s important is that you find a time where you stop running and embrace rest. What kind of space can you create for yourself to get away from the chaos around you and find time to be still and alone?

Ask God to help you develop a habit of getting to a place by yourself to spend time in God’s presence. Pray this simple prayer: “Jesus, make your presence known to me.” This verse isn’t supposed to make us feel guilty about not getting up in the morning and praying for 5 hours. Instead, it’s meant to show us that even Jesus needed time to get away and be alone


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