• Danielle Burkhart


When doubt and anxiety makes us want to RUN, God’s comfort helps us REST.

📖 READ: Psalm 94:19

👓 OBSERVE: Anxiety and stress are a big reason why it’s hard for us to rest and experience God’s peace. Why do you think this verse says that God’s consolation can bring us joy?

✅ APPLY: Name the biggest thing that is stressing you out right now. What would it look like for God to console you in the midst of what you’re experiencing?

Write a prayer to God naming the biggest thing that is stressing you right now. Write something like “God, this is the thing that is causing me the most stress and worry. I want to be consoled by you, comforted by you, and to experience your peace. Show me what that should look like.”


At last, we are able to meet in-person again! Please make sure to wear a face covering while in the church building and to adhere to 6ft social distancing when possible. We look forward to seeing you!