• Danielle Burkhart


Are you ready to schedule some REST?

📖 READ: Exodus 20:8-10

👓 OBSERVE: The Old Testament can seem intimidating to read sometimes, but the incredible thing is that everything in the Bible is connected. It all ties together and the thread that connects everything is Jesus. Jesus talked often about the Sabbath. As a Jewish boy, he grew up learning about the Jewish law and the Jewish way of life. He learned about the Sabbath and what to do or not to do on that day. It might seem strange to think that Jesus had to learn what it meant to keep the Sabbath holy, but he did.

✅ APPLY: It might feel crazy to take a whole day to do NOTHING. It seems like if you take a day off from school or work you should still keep doing things because it’s ‘lazy’ to do nothing. But think back to yesterday’s post about creation — God created a day for rest on purpose. So we can rest on purpose for a purpose. So, what would it look like for you to not work for an entire day this week? Or for you to set aside a few hours over the weekend that are are just meant to rest and refuel you? Write a prayer thanking God for showing you (and every other human) that rest is a good thing. List some reasons you are thankful for God creating rest and showing us how to rest.