• Danielle Burkhart


Do you ever feel like you just need a rest sometimes? EVERYONE does!

📖 READ: Matthew 11:28-30

👓 OBSERVE: This verse is the open invitation Jesus has given every human. You don't need to strive for his approval or affection. You don't need to strive for anyone’s approval or affection. Your worth and value is not determined by your behavior or performance but by God’s love for you — always, all day, every day. Regardless of your accomplishments, grade point average, family background, or financial status, you are loved by God. The same invitation Jesus gave his followers many years ago is the same one he gives us today. Instead of pushing through the tiredness and weariness, take a moment and breathe. Remind yourself that Jesus is with you and for you.

✅ APPLY: What’s the best way for you to take a break and have a moment with God today? Is it through prayer? Perhaps a walk outside? Maybe even taking a nap? And before you judge yourself too harshly for needing a nap, remember, even Jesus napped. So don’t be afraid to run toward rest in whatever way you need today.


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