Helping youth take the next step in their faith journey.

for grades 7-8

Our Next class will begin fall 2021. Please see Danielle if you are interested in Confirmation for your student next school year. 

What is Confirmation? 

Confirmation is a year-long period of discipleship where we help our youth take ownership of their faith by teaching them about our church, our beliefs, Christianity in general, and ways that they can serve their congregation and community. Classes will begin in October, and the last day to sign-up is September 18th. 


Traditionally, Confirmation is a class held every other year for 7th and 8th graders. Older youth who have not been through confirmation are welcome to join as well. 

At the end of the year, our students will have the option of being confirmed and joining the church. Most groups find it to be a fulfilling, exciting and fun year – we do our best to make it that way!

Confirmation does require commitment.

We ask that our students attend each class, which will meet on Sundays from 11:30-12:30pm. Confirmation will also have two day-long retreats, one in the fall and one in the spring. Additionally, we ask for regular Youth Group and Youth Bible Study attendance, whenever possible. 

Confirmands will not be alone in this journey. 

Along with their fellow classmates, our confirmands will have a mentor, prayer partner, and teachers to guide them. They will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers.

Who can be a mentor? 

Each confirmand will be asked to choose an adult (not a family member) to be their mentor. Mentors are not perfect Christians and they do not have all the answers. These are simply men and woman of the church who are willing to walk alongside our students and help support them in their faith journey through prayer, honest conversations about God and life, and meetings. While mentors do not need to have gone through confirmation themselves, they do need to be an active member of a church. Ideally he or she will be a member of Howell FUMC, but this is not required so long as they are actively involved in a church. 

What do mentors do? 

Mentors should plan on meeting with their confirmand at least 3 times during the course of the confirmation year. Some examples of meetings could be going out for yogurt at Bonkers, having dinner at the confirmands home, or watching their confirmands school activity such as a game or concert. Beyond this, mentors support their student through constant prayer, and be willing to have honest conversations with their confirmand about the Christian faith.  

Meetings must follow our Code of Conduct/Child Protection Policy. Meetings must be held in public spaces such as the mall or a restaurant. Meetings must be scheduled between the mentor and parent/guardian. All mentors are required to have a background check.

Why have mentors?

The idea behind this program is that the mentor will help support the student as they go through Confirmation and can help the student to feel more connected to the church. The hope is that this will be a mutually rewarding experience and they will both grow together in faith through conversations and time spent with one another.

What if I don't know a person who could be a good mentor?

No worries! There are many women and men in our church who would make a great mentor for your youth. If you would like some suggestions on potential mentors from the church, please let Danielle know by September 18th. 

More on Mentors

Let Youth Director, Danielle Burkhart, know if you are interested in Confirmation for your student next school year. 

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