May the following resources encourage you as you read the Bible and grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible

These questions are great whether you are reading a book from the Bible in a group or on your own. They help focus you, point you back to Jesus, and see how you can apply what you've read to your daily life. 

Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible | Bookmark

The same questions as above but condensed into bookmark form. Feel free to download the bookmark, and print it off at home  (thick paper like "card stock" is ideal)


From three-day reads to year-long studies, this app offers many opportunities discover the Bible in a new way!

Bible App

Bible Recommendations for Students


1) NIV, Student Bible, Compact (2011)

This Bible is small making it easy to pack and bring with you. It is specifically designed with students in mind, and contains great highlights, insights, footnotes, and a 3-track reading plan. (Hardcover or Paperback)


2) NIV, Life Application Study Bible, Second Edition (2011)

This Bible has over 10,000 footnotes which help you take what you read, understand it better, and apply it to everyday life. They also have different colored covers, so make sure to take a look around! (Hardcover or Imitation Leather)



3) NIV Study Bible, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition (2011)

My personal favorite... This Bible focuses on giving context, history, and insight into the culture that the Bible was written in and to. It provides you with the right amount of study information to answer your most pressing questions about God's Word and how it connects to your life today. Look around for other colors! (Hardcover, Paperback, and Imitation Leather)

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